Lately, our news has been overloaded with this movement of the 99%. Spread like wild fire, the 99% movement has spread across the country hitting all of the main capitals. Currently, there is one in Boston, only 5 minutes away from my home.  ON November 10, 2011, the occupy Harvard movement joined the Occupy Movement. This makes me realize that change in our world is occurring right down the street from my home. I always walk through Harvard yard, where there are currently tents set up, and just hangout for the day. This movement has caused many to reconsider what is happening in our world and stand up for what we deserve. This article dives into the fact that Harvard University is right behind the Occupy Movement, but is contradicted because they are one of the worst offenders. They list a number of actions they take place in the article. For example, how there is little diversity between factuality, staff and graduates, and how they support companies who make, “profits off the backbreaking labor of a non-union immigrant workforce”. These events are occurring in my backyard and I have yet to participate in one. This movement has been true motivation for me to stand up to the government because we have just as much power as someone with a six digit pay check.