Ever want to tie die your nails? Well in this tutorial you can now learn how..


First, you will need to cut any plastic cup in half or plastic water bottle and fill with water.


Next you will select however many nail polish colors you want to use on your nails and open them to make it easier.

Following this, you will take a shape object if avaible lieka tooth pick of just use the nailpolish brush and place drops of the color in the water. Once your selected colors are in the water you will take a toothpick or anilpolish brush( tooth pick more deserible) and make any designs you would like in the color. Ex. swirls, dots, anything

After your design is crafted, you will dip one finger at a time in the solution. Now it may look messy but not to worry.


When the color is on your nails and your fingers look crazy, take a q-tip and nail polish remover and clean up the area around your nails.

Once this step is complete you will have terrific marble nails that you can show off to all your friends! (: