This past weekend on December 3rd, 2011, I attended the Westfield track meet to watch my roommate compete. It was held at Springfield College in Springfield MA. The meet began at 11 and went to 5:15. On the Westfield indoor track team, there were about 55 racers. My roommate, Teal Glauser, competed in the 4-200m relay. In addition, she competed in the 16 meter and 200 meter. In the end Westfield came in second place, while Springfield came in first. This was a great meet and the team tried really hard. You could see it in their face that the all the teams were competing for the gold.


Lately, our news has been overloaded with this movement of the 99%. Spread like wild fire, the 99% movement has spread across the country hitting all of the main capitals. Currently, there is one in Boston, only 5 minutes away from my home.  ON November 10, 2011, the occupy Harvard movement joined the Occupy Movement. This makes me realize that change in our world is occurring right down the street from my home. I always walk through Harvard yard, where there are currently tents set up, and just hangout for the day. This movement has caused many to reconsider what is happening in our world and stand up for what we deserve. This article dives into the fact that Harvard University is right behind the Occupy Movement, but is contradicted because they are one of the worst offenders. They list a number of actions they take place in the article. For example, how there is little diversity between factuality, staff and graduates, and how they support companies who make, “profits off the backbreaking labor of a non-union immigrant workforce”. These events are occurring in my backyard and I have yet to participate in one. This movement has been true motivation for me to stand up to the government because we have just as much power as someone with a six digit pay check.


Sharpening the head of the unknown people
that lie before us.
Scraping and digging into
our souls and leaving

Don’t wanna worry to much.
Don’t wanna really find out
I’m hiding away from life
Don’t wanna really find out.
To escape the madness of the world.

Weeping silently, in the corner
fear in your hands.
Seeing someone die
It might be you.

Don’t wanna worry too much
Don’t wanna really find out
I’m hiding away from life
Don’t wanna really find out
To escape the madness of the world.

The scream goes through your ears , the blackboard screeches
Scarring our souls
Seeing someone die
It might be me.

Straight down the isle of life.
Looking for someone to comfort you.
When you enter the door.
What will happen? What will happen to you?
Who knows? Who cares?
Why do you?

Don’t wanna worry too much
Don’t wanna really find out
I’m hiding away from life
Don’t wanna really find out
To escape the madness of the world.


I wrote this song in 8th grade after my cousin Jimmy was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Overall, I became depressed because of the actual incident and repercussions. I believe that mental health disorders are some of the worse kinds because there is nothing that you can actually do. The only thing to do is try to maintain some form of normality.


In order to become diagnosed with this disease, the person will typically have a break down before. In this particular case, my cousin came over my house at 3AM, broke in and woke up my parents screaming because he thought that CIA was trying to chase him. My aunt, Uncles and parents all gathered at my house and immediately brought him into McClain hospital. On the ride he was screaming, demanding for my mother, who was driving, to go through red lights and then fought to enter in the hospital. Once safely in the hospital, he refused to eat because he thought they would try to poison him, became parodied about anything and everything, and brought my entire family to become stricken with fear and sadness.


Meanwhile, I woke up regularly with all my cousins at my house. I had no clue what was going on. All they told me was there was an emergency with my cousin and my parents could be back later. The entire day my older cousins tried to keep me and my brother distracted form what news would be devastating to us later. When my parents finally arrived home, they sat us down and explained the current state of my cousin Jimmy. I immediately began to cry and just locked myself in my room because deep down I knew that he would never be the same, and I was right.


Jimmy was one of my closest cousins to me while I was growing up. My role model because he would take me out, come over and play with me and just hang out and talk, I thought he was the coolest. However, after he became diagnosed with bipolar because of drug abuse leading to extreme hormonal instability triggering bipolar, I was at a loss for who I looked up to for so many years.

My first instinct was to start writing to keep my mind off crying. I wrote and wrote until my hand cramped. At the time, I was in a band called Midnightblonde, and sought to music for my distraction. The end product ended up being successful because I created lyrics and a guitar drift to create the song Life. Today, I look back and can see what pain I endured from this traumatic experience. From this, I have grown and learned how to  cope with different situations in life, making me a stronger person today.


This pictures says a lot to me even though it is just a snapshot of a board walk. I took this past summer when I traveled to Oahu, Hawaii. My friend Nicole and I went to visit one of our best friends who recently moved out there for 12 days. During this trip, many things c to me that fostered my transition into college. First off, I was in the airport for the first time by myself trying to figure out flight  times and where to put my luggage. At 17, traveling 6,000 miles away from home for the first time by yourself is extremely overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. We had to figure out all of our own food, hotel arrangements and transportation. This trip really gave me an insight on how to live on my own.

Prior to this trip, I thought I was well prepared to handle what I was about to encounter. I have always pictured myself as older than I am and a more mature young adult compared to my peers. However, at times I became stressed, homesick and lonely in a place I had never been to before. On our way home it was the same time hurricane Irene struck the east coast. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 12PM on Sunday, the day before we discovered out flight got canceled. Because of the backup of flights, the closest flight we could get to Boston was on Thursday. We ended up taking three planes to get to Ohio and driving 16 hours to finally be home. Never before had the phrase “home sweet home” meant so much to me.

This picture captures my improvement as a photographer, beauty I indulged in for 12 days, and my independency with me and nature. Hawaii was such a surreal place compared to my home in Boston. The atmosphere, people and culture was so shocking, the complete opposite of what I have grown accustomed to. This photo displays the great and natural beauty of Hawaii, captured  in a single shot. Also, just the boardwalk, sun and trees are showing. No signs of people are in sight, besides me taking the picture. showing how I have grown from this trip being comfortable being by myself. A transition undesirable to most people, but a journey unavoidable.

Ever want to tie die your nails? Well in this tutorial you can now learn how..


First, you will need to cut any plastic cup in half or plastic water bottle and fill with water.


Next you will select however many nail polish colors you want to use on your nails and open them to make it easier.

Following this, you will take a shape object if avaible lieka tooth pick of just use the nailpolish brush and place drops of the color in the water. Once your selected colors are in the water you will take a toothpick or anilpolish brush( tooth pick more deserible) and make any designs you would like in the color. Ex. swirls, dots, anything

After your design is crafted, you will dip one finger at a time in the solution. Now it may look messy but not to worry.


When the color is on your nails and your fingers look crazy, take a q-tip and nail polish remover and clean up the area around your nails.

Once this step is complete you will have terrific marble nails that you can show off to all your friends! (:

Deveney Williams

Troy Davis Case


On September 22nd 2011, Troy Davis, an African American man convicted of murder and sentenced to life, was put to death by lethal injection by the state of Georgia. This case exposed many controversial sides of the death penalty and potential racism. In 1989, police officer Mark MacPhail was on duty in Savannah, Georgia at the local Burger King. Acting out his duty as an officer, he went to break out a fight erupting in the parking lot. Gun shots were fired and seven witnesses testified that they saw Davis shoot the officer along with two who claimed he admitted the murder to them. For the defense they only had six witnesses compared to the 34 the prosecution held. The case had little evidence to support it and put Davis on death row. In the June 2010 the evidentiary hearing was presented when 7 of the 9 original testimonies changed their decisions to innocent. Regardless of this new information, the courts failed to serve justice.



This case disturbs me for many reasons, one of the primary ones being that I was a supporter of the death penalty before I was aware of this hearing. I always figured if someone has the heart and soul to take someone’s life, their life deserves to be taken. However with this theory, if we push forward with it, ultimately it just becomes a vicious cycle. If we take the lives of those who kill, don’t we eventually become the new killers?

Some crimes are unforgivable, hitting close to home on a personal level or just an action an individual believes to be completely unacceptable. For example, murder. In my generations, suicide bombers and terrorist have intergraded into my daily life. Hundreds of people getting killed sadly are not as much as a shocker to me because it is repeated in my life so many times. This murder of this one white cop in Georgia by an African American seems miniscule on the scale of crimes that we are dealing with in the present day. This case reeks of racism based on the location and day and age.

As now a newly anti-death penalty voter, I feel that everyone should get justice regardless of the crime. In the case of Troy Davis, our judicial system failed to show justice to every individual. This is supposed to be land of the free and home of the brave. In this case, Troy Davis was not free, as our country hid behind racism instead of standing up for what was right. By the lack of evidence presented, the jurors of retracted their testimony and the numerous other suspicious factors, this case needed to be deeply investigated before any rational movements took place like lethal injection.

A website named, Davis’ sister; Martina Correia gave an empowering speech that sent the chills through my body. One of the reasons I have changed my view on the death penalty was because in the video she said, “If you believed in the death penalty before, can you now?” Taken back, I thought could I? Besides this, Correia has been fighting cancer along with trying to aid her brother on death row. At the end of her speech she stands up out of her wheelchair and says, “I am Troy Davis. You are Troy Davis. We are Troy Davis.” By this she means that Troy Davis was just an American citizen. He could have been any one of us. How would you feel if all odds were against you even though your innocence was shinning though? A heart breaking case and tremendous loss, Troy Davis has brought the attention needed for segregation in America and the injustice of the death penalty; he was the catalyst for change.


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